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About the Event

In today’s volatile business environment – organizations big and small need to be prepared for anything!  Businesses face crises caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, to man-made threats such as cyber-attacks and economic downturns – no one can determine when or when these crises can happen, therefore no one is safe!

An organization’s success is determined by its ability to survive the global economy’s demands and it relies on its ability to adapt and manage uncertainties.  Resiliency Forum Asia aims to enable organizations to move form recovery to resiliency by embedding resiliency into the very core of the organizational culture; thereby empowering them to continuously adjust to the challenges and threats that can affect their organization.

In Resiliency Forum Asia, APEX Global is proud to present the unique series of Interactive Roundtable Discussions – an excellent venue for delegates to exchange, enable and excel, more meaningfully, on a variety of issues, with the tables featuring different topics hosted by industry experts.


7 Interactive Roundtable Discussions on themed topics - a new format!

Over 30 International Experts lead the exchange!

Earn Continuous Learning Points to further your career!


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