IRDs – a new format!

Interactive Roundtable Discussion - a new format!

What makes APEX Global events different?

APEX Global is proud to present a new and unique format – Interactive Roundtable Discussions!  IRDs make an excellent venue for delegates to exchange, enable and excel, more meaningfully, on a variety of issues, with the tables featuring different topics hosted by industry experts.

Our ‘Interactive Roundtable Discussion’ (IRD) format will enable you to:

  • Engage in peer-to-peer discussions on themed roundtables
  • Interact with all delegates and speakers through roundtable rotations
  • Get inside expert advice on nuts-and-bolts issues
  • Learn hands-on by bringing case studies to the table

IRD Persons

How do IRDs work?

  • Delegates are divided into groups of eight to ten
  • Each group will visit every table for a 45-min.discussion
  • Each table will be moderated by a subject expert and feature a different discussion topic
  • After each 45-min.discussion, each group follows the directional arrow to the next IRD
  • Keynote presentations and panels break-up the day

IRD Topics

IRD Topics

Identify risks that can seriously damage the productivity, financial performance and reputation of a company to come up with a strategic contingency plan that will ensure operations during a disaster.
Understand the crisis communication activities that should be undertaken in the different stages of a crisis to create a holistic communication plan that will ensure the safety of your employees.
Be aware about the different risks that can lead to loss of revenue, customers and stakeholder confidence through an extensive review of recent events on information security, cyber security and threat assessment.
Gain a better understanding of the ongoing impacts of a disaster, as well as the resources and efforts needed to truly recover, from organizations who were able to continue operations after an emergency through an effective recovery plan.
Staff relocation should be at the forefront of any business continuity exercise. Learn how to include office space, office facilities, staff welfare and transport in your contingency plan.
Learn how to utilize partnerships to improve your organization’s efforts towards resiliency by reviewing best practices and effective PPP models.
Verifying the amount of coverage sufficient to cover an organization’s needs is both laborious and complex. Develop an all-risks approach to develop a comprehensive audit to determine sufficient coverage.